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What is Follow the Yellow?

Your way to your target audience, guided by a team of young and inspiring people with 20 years of experience, to achieve your business goals with efficient integrated communication.

We hold it together, we plan it, we take care of it and provide full support in your communication.



A comprehensive strategy is the fundament of efficient communication. First we analyze your competitors, do market research, and create key messages then choose the way to your target audience.

digital marketing

We holistically measure, plan based on data, freact flexibly and adapt.

pr & content

We get to know your business and values, get familiar with your goals to be able to provide you that special plus which enables you to say what you really want to say. We create your message in a way so that it reaches and addresses your target audience. This the key of great PR.

Data-Driven Employer Branding strategy

Together with you we create your Data-Driven Employer Branding strategy, based on internal- and external organizational development - and communication research.

Precisely define your target audience and the channels leading to them.

We execute your strategy and measure its efficiency.

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