Péter Tóth-Nagy


"I have learned that contraries create the balance of the world.

This is what I represent in my work and this is the main driver of my intellectual workshop, where in an energetic team creativity joins scientific thoroughness, experience is combined with inspiration - and the most daring client dreams become reality."

PR, employer branding, integrated communication
20 yrs of experience

Clients: MOL, Hell Energy Drink, Danone, Grundfos, Sixt, Europcar, Avis BSC, Mammut, City of Tatabánya, Hungarian Chamber of Bailiffs

Strategy, employer branding

Nóra Kristóf

strategy, B2B, international communication, event
15 yrs of experience

Fő ügyfelek: Tesco, Deichmann, SAP, Vöslauer, Rexona, Wienerberger, Europcar, Austrian Airlines, Wallis Zrt., ShareNow, Diebold Nixdorf – Managed Mobility Services, Syngenta, Pioneer


Unger Viki

digital marketing, content
3 yrs of experience
Fő ügyfelek: Tesco, StoreLog, Mixit

Design, art work

Mónika Popladek

design, image, art work
11 yrs of experience
Fő ügyfelek: Grundfos, Flex, Wienerberger, Omnipack, Sixt, Europcar, DBH Group

Web Design, Web Strategist

Dániel Tóth-Lőrincz

webdesign, sitebuild, UX/UI, WordPress
10 yrs of experience


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